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About the Author / Inventor of ERA Transliteration

The Author / Inventor of ‘ERA Transliteration’ learnt his NAZRA Quran and celebrated his AMEEN before the World War II. Yet in life, he was not a first-rate NAZRA reader. And after marriage, his wife criticized his quality of NAZRA Quran, for its faults, errors and duplications. Humbly, he accepted all his setbacks and pledged to improve his NAZRA, at an auspicious time.

The Author /Inventor of ERA Transliteration was as an Engineer Officer in the Pakistan Army. He served as an instructor, a designer, an architect, a researcher and an educationist.

In 1971, India attacked and captured East Pakistan, made it ‘Bangladesh’ and bagged thousands of Prisoners of War. He was one of them. First day in Bangladesh, he begged God for His pity and mercy to enable him to utilize his detention in India, to gain a sublime result. Very solemnly and seriously, he sought His help to teach him NAZRA Quran and to convert him into a NAZRA Quran instructor and an activist, to improve NAZRA Quran of many others. Amen.

India extended fair secular freedom in religious rights and rituals to all POWs. In Indian POW Camp # 41, the Author / Inventor administered a ‘NAZRA Quran School for the Elders.’ In that school, he listed 10 difficulties, flaws and failings in the (then) Arabic scripts. These flaws were to be removed and replaced with new remedies into an Arabic script, to simplify, facilitate and accelerate NAZRA Quran activities, among the needy Arab and non-Arab Muslims.

In 1972, he recorded, “If total number of symbols being used as Arabic alphabet, could be reduced from about 150 to say 30-35, then it would be a great relief to non-Arab readers, teachers and learners of NAZRA Quran.” In Canada, in 1998 and also in 2002, he copyrighted ‘Single Case Arabic Fonts,’ which use just 30 symbols to write all Arabic verses and whole of Quran.

In 1973, God opened to him a Sweet Secret in Arabic script. That is, “Each Arabic letter is either a ‘Talk Alone letter’ or ‘It Speaks and Starts a Pair’ or ‘It is a Silent (non-spoken) letter.” This Sweet Secret proved to be the seed of success to many of his innovations into Arabic script.

Also in India, he experienced that over 50% effort of learners, readers and teachers was wasted, ‘Just to Decide One Right Conduct for each letter, throughout Quran.’ He also wrote that, ‘All that effort could surely be saved, if One Right Conduct per letter for all the letters in whole of Quran, were pre-found and clearly and boldly pre-told, with-in an Arabic script.’

After two years in India his NAZRA Quran was better, he became a NAZRA activist and was free.

In Pakistan, his wife welcomed him and devoted full support to his Mission, “To enable each and every Muslim to render NAZRA Quran, much more comfortably and correctly than ever before, as well as, to empower all Muslims to teach NAZRA Quran to next potential teachers, with greater ease, enthusiasm, efficiency and results.” Both of them got early retirement from Army in 1977.

In Pakistan, he ‘pre-found’ one right conduct for each letter (and for each diacritic) in Quran. He also conceived a ‘System’ to ‘Pre-tell all the Right Conducts in his potential Arabic script.’ In 1993, he reached Canada, where his Fonts and Printing Program were needed, more honestly.

By 1995, the ERA typing and printing of 30 Parts of Holy Quran had begun. These Parts were extensively used for teaching, reading, learning, memorizing and proof-reading by several seniors, adults and children. ERA First Reader (The Qaidah) and some Booklets were also published on ERA system. By His mercy, entire progress was pleasing, inspiring and positive.

After 17 years of continued testing and corrections, ‘New ERA NAZRA Quran, presented in ERA Transliteration was ready to be published as an E-book in USA, by New ERA NAZRA Quran is a blessing and a bonanza from Him. It meets all NAZRA needs, even for the dummies to whom, it leaves no excuse not to learn, render and teach NAZRA Quran to others.

The Author / Inventor prays, most Muslims benefit from ERA Transliteration. The New ERA NAZRA Quran is available in E-book format. Its paperback and hardcover versions should soon be offered to all parties, worldwide. Some other Arabic books may also be presented in ERA Transliteration. He prays, he and his organization competently meet their global goals, in association with many worldwide parties, serving the cause and honor of Holy Quran. Amen.

Dr. S. M. Khairulbashar Ph.D. lives in Toronto, ON. Canada.

His contacts are:
PO Box 72222,
2550 Finch Ave. W.
Toronto, On. M9M 2J0, Canada
Telephone: 1-905-303-5781

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