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The 'Best' among you is the one, who learns the Quran and teaches it.

To enable each and every Muslim to 'Read and Recite Arabic Holy Quran' much more comfortably and correctly than ever before, as well as, to empower all Muslims to 'Teach Reading and Recital of Arabic Holy Quran' to next potential teachers, with greater confidence, enthusiasm and excellent results.

Our Mission abides by above shown advice from the Holy Prophet, our Master and Leader (pbuh). Our scope of service, at its minimum, is to better your reading and recitation of Arabic Holy Quran and provide you great opportunity to teach these skills to many others with larger excitement, reliance and with ace results.

Our First Focus was to innovate, create and produce a modern, simplified, colour-wise, totally-visual, sound-smart, more easily recite-able Arabic text print system, with a view to satisfy essential demands and needs of Muslims, particularly reading Arabic text and its recitation, positively and comfortably.

Alhamdolillah, Easy Recite Arabic System (ERA System) is the latest simplified, colour-wise, totally-visual, sound-smart, user-friendly, most easy Arabic script and print system. It meets essential basic demands and needs of Muslims, particularly reading and recitation, positively and most comfortably.

Our Second Focus was to compose and publish Arabic Holy Quran, in ERA System, for the convenience, comfort and service of Arab and non-Arab teachers, readers and fresh learners, all over the globe.

Alhamdolillah, Arabic Holy Quran, composed in ERA System has been published on the Internet. Its URL is:
It is being seen, read, recited, printed, downloaded for free, only for personal use.

Our Third Focus was to test and trial the newly composed Holy Quran, based on ERA System for utility, ease, accuracy, one-way fluency and comfort of use, impact and attraction, by teachers, seniors, routine and first time readers.

Alhamdolillah, ERA System based Holy Quran have been fairly verified for utility, ease, accuracy, one-way fluency and comfort of use, impact and attraction, alike by teachers, seniors, regular readers and first time learners. However, more tests from scholars, teachers, institutions and organisations are requested please. Kindly see the web site critically and grant us your esteem views. Thanks.

What's Next?
The Holy Quran, as a whole and in parts, is ready for publication in book form. This great work can not be handled by ERA Academy alone. Consequently, we request all of you, for prayers, advice, help, support and partnership.

ERA Academy is a non-profit organization. So far, it has been supported by family and friends of the founder directors. Finance is our first problem. Our next problems are Production and Marketing. Friends in media, market, IT, finance, publishing and educational institutions, etc. are specially invited please.

Our ultimate Focus is to extend ERA facilities, on all lands, not only in English media but in other major languages of the world. CDs and DVDs are also foreseen.

Your options:

  • Easy Recite Arabic script is more suitable and friendly than all scripts, including the Roman-Arabic text. Please verify our claim, in detail.
  • If you are a regular or occasional reader of the Holy Quran, then you can surely empower your own quality of recitation to a surprise level and an example to be followed by many others. Please give it a try.
  • If you are conversant with the recital of the Holy Quran, then within hours, you can become a confident teacher to many readers and learners in your family and friends. Please give it a try, too.
  • If you do not belong to the groups discussed above, then you should request some one to be your leader in ERA System. Your team of leader and learner shall be rewarded with an error free recitation, with much less labor, time, confusion and errors, than you ever believed, Please give it a try, as well.
  • Besides being a learner, reader or a teacher, you can think and extend your support, co-operation to expand this easier recitation of the Holy Quran, all over the world.
  • Thanks very much and may Allah (swt) bless you. Amen.

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